Publish a High Quality Blog Post with These Tips

What needs for writing great blog posts, simply follow these steps :

  1. Sit in front of your computer.
  2. Grab a topic from your editorial calendar.
  3. Start writing your blog post.

that’s all? NO!

  • It’s not about how many words your new content have
  • It’s not that how frequently you mentioned the focus keyword.

The main thing that matters here is Quality of your content(Post).

You’re not writing posts to just fill up your blog with posts. You’re not blogging for the sake of money. You have to write the posts to help your readers, that’s all. Your content should be unique and original. Try to write always something new.

Write A High Quality Post

Something that will make it odd from other resources that are available elsewhere online.

It should let the reader believe that they can do the same thing while at the same time inspiring them with amazing thoughts and ideas coming from the author’s personal experiences.

In this article, I will help you on how to write a quality blog post. I will be mentioning a few simple, easy steps that will enhance the quality of your post and will help you to improve your blog content.

1. Decide An Agenda

Agenda is very important. If your choose a topic and write up to 1000 pages, what’s it. Total wastage of time. We all are writing for driving readers. Keep in mind that your final goal is to raise your readership. Know your readers need and write according to their needs this will make your content reader friendly.

You have to set up and maintain an editorial calendar.

2. Decide a Great Title

Deciding a great title will make your content out of crowd.

Not using good titles, or using Boring titles will make your content away from reader clicks.

Creating a great title is another opportunity for a blogger. You need to make sure that your blog post is wrapped with an amazing, intelligent, and click-worthy title.

Make your post title as a Magnet to attract immediately towards the article.

3. Well Organised Structure

Next to using a proper title, you also need a well-organized structure.

Unorganized structure of information is completely waste.

If you written a useful post but in an unorganised manner, this will confure your post reader. This results, reader immediately leave your post/blog.

So, Well organised is content is the hero. If you would write your posts offline, then i recommend to use Microsoft Word.

After finishing your first draft, it’s time to start cleaning and organizing to ensure that your post is good enough to be published.

Make sure to put in:

  • Headings
  • Bullet lists
  • Numbered lists
  • Multilevel lists, etc.

4.  Check the Readability

Your post should be written in a good manner.

Readability includes :

1. Flesch Reading : Your content should be easily readable, means it doesn’t contain difficult words.

2. Passive Sentences : Most part of your content should be in active voice.

3. Subheading word limit : In your content, Each subheading shouldn’t follow more than 300 words.

4. Word Limit : Your content should not contain less than 300 words.

And Many more…

Note :- You can use some plugins like Yoast to check live Readability of your post.

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Abhishek Verma is the CEO & Chief Editor of The Blog Advisor. I write about Blogging, SEO, & Making Money Online.
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